We can service restaurants, corporate clients and wholesale customers at extremely attractive wholesale rates.


The product range for for wholesale clients is expansive, including:


1) Ham: Whole, deboned or sliced (vacuum packed or protective atmosphere) iberico or serrano hams. 

2) Cured Meats: Whole or sliced iberico and serrano chorizo, fuet, llonganiza, salchichón, lomo. 

3) Cheeses: Many types, sizes and cut of both hard and soft cheeses. 

4) Delicacies: A huge selection of olive oils, tinned and jarred olives, peppers, chillis, etc. 

5) Alcoholic Beverages: A huge selection of Spanish wines & liquours.

6) Sweets: Turron, chocolates, bombons, etc. 

7) Anything that you may require that isn't above, with our extensive contact network across Spain we can source it for you. 


Along with our suppliers we have extensive experience in servicing the wholesale sector and you can be sure the service is timely, professional and that the goods are of the highest quality. 


We offer courier and palletised courier delivery reaching all four corners of the European Economic Area. 


Please contact us at info@hamazing.com with your enquiry.