The HAMAZING Journey

About the founders


Jordi was born in a little town outside Barcelona in to a traditional artisan Catalan family. His uncle is a producer of fine red wine up in the Pyrenees and local produce became Jordi's way of life. He's proud of his traditions and when he met Phil in 2006 something seemed to spark. Phil has lived on and off in Barcelona for several years after having done a university exchange programme at the Pompeu Fabra Univeristy to add some spice to his rather more prosaic Economics degree. Having learnt the language and been assumed in to the culture by friendly locals he has naturally fallen deeply and madly in love with Spanish meats like any self-respecting Spaniard. Joel, Phil's brother in law, was born with the terrible affliction of being addicted to all and any type of meat. The glee that you can see in his eyes is unmatched by any other human being on this planet. Turning obsession in to business is Joel's day job, so getting involved in premium cured meats was arguably his only possible option at this juncture. Ant's history in the Costa Brava goes back to his parents purchasing a quaint villa in the picturesque fishing village of Sant Antoni, a little south of Cadaqués. Spending as much time in Spain as was humanly possible, Ant met up with long-time friend Phil and Jordi one day in the famous Champagnería in Barceloneta and, over a glass of Can Paixano rosé, a plate of Manchego cheese and a couple of gorgeous serrano ham, melted roquefort, caramelised onion and pepper rolls, they got talking and the most HAMAZING idea in the world was born... Now you're a part of this story; enjoy! 




One day walking down towards the sea on the Ramblas in Barcelona back in the late 90s, the sun’s beaming down, human statues and street artists are surrounded by expectant, smiling tourist crowds, wonderful tapas bars in the Barri Gòtic on the left and gourmet food stores and art galleries on the right, we stumble across the Boquería food market. Mayhem ensues as we weave our way past locals and tourists alike, taking in the mind-blowing array of tropical fruits, glistening fresh fish, wiggling razor clams and humongous tethered lobsters, Catalonian beef, pork, some scary looking pigs heads and find our way to a small tapas bar and perch ourselves on the tall seats. The smell of sizzling bright-red chorizo and rich freshly ground coffee fill the air. Pointing at some mouth-watering dishes, they duly arrive: boquerones, ensaladilla rusa, chorizo, papas bravas and a plate of sliced meats and Manchego cheese. OH MY GOD!! The love affair had started.


On the way in you can't but notice the huge legs of ham hanging in the cured meats store, and when we realised we’d just been served a plate of ibérico and serrano ham, which were the most deep, smooth and developed flavours we’d ever tasted, we only had one choice: take a whole leg home! We were passed the 7kg leg by that shop next to the entrance and never looked back. This is why we’re now completely mad about ham at HAMAZING. There’s nothing we like more than greeting, glass of Rioja Gran Reserva in hand, a group of friends round to our now infamous ham parties to carve up one of Spain's finest ibérico de bellota hams.  


Between us we’ve lived and travelled extensively across Spain. We can’t lie; it was obviously for our own enjoyment at first, but have recently been on the mission to find and bring you the best ham Spain has to offer. Guijuelo, Jabugo, Valle de Los Pedroches, Trevélez; you name it, these are Protected Origin ham producing regions, and it wouldn’t be right unless we had them here just for you.