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Whole Ham / Jamon

Whole hams, or jamones in Spanish, refer to the hind leg of the pig. More muscular than the shoulder, hind legs are the first choice given superior weight and intramuscular fat content, the latter being one of the main yardsticks when measuring ham quality especially in an ibérico context. Ideal weight is anywhere between 6.5kg and 8kg which yields around 4-5kg of moist, rich meat. Learn more here!

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5J Cinco Jotas Jamon Iberico Puro Bellota
5J is the preeminent brand from arguably the epicentre of the Spanish ham universe - Jabugo. 600 ..
Ex Tax: £380.00
7.00 Kilograms (£54.29/kg)
Pata Negra Pure Acorn-Fed D.O. Pedroches
The Andalusian artisan cooperative of COVAP produces some of the finest ibérico hams on the Spani..
Ex Tax: £281.00
7.00 Kilograms (£40.14/kg)
Iberico Ham Acorn-Fed D.O.P. Guijuelo
This ham is from the D.O.P. region of Guijuelo, same place from where world-famous Joselito comes..
Ex Tax: £274.00
7.00 Kilograms (£39.14/kg)
Artesanos Jabugo Puro Bellota
From Jabugo, bellota, ibérico & pure-breed yet almost a third cheaper than the 5J. How?! Well..
Ex Tax: £274.00
7.00 Kilograms (£39.14/kg)
COVAP Puro Solo Bellota
Pure-breed, bellota (pure acorn-fed), 36 months cured, artisan produced. Very similar to the..
Ex Tax: £247.00
7.00 Kilograms (£35.29/kg)
COVAP Iberico Bellota
A simply superb way to get on to the divine bellota ladder. The only difference is a 75% Ibe..
Ex Tax: £207.00
7.00 Kilograms (£29.57/kg)
COVAP Iberico Recebo
As a first step in to the world of acorn heaven, COVAP really should give themselves a pat on the..
Ex Tax: £138.00
7.00 Kilograms (£19.71/kg)
Organic Jamon Serrano from Teruel
With a similar microclimate to Jabugo in the south, Teruel at 900 metres above sea level has cool..
Ex Tax: £104.00
8.00 Kilograms (£13.00/kg)
Rare Duroc Ham
We want to help our customers widen their horizons and for that reason we bring you the very litt..
Ex Tax: £100.00
8.00 Kilograms (£12.50/kg)
Encinares Iberico
Encinares are so little known they don't even have a website! However, all their efforts are put ..
Ex Tax: £98.00
7.00 Kilograms (£14.00/kg)
Trevélez Award-Winning Gran Reserva Organic Serrano
There's a world of quality outside the basic serrano ham and Trevélez are the créme de la créme. ..
Ex Tax: £96.00
8.00 Kilograms (£12.00/kg)
Serón Serrano Reserva
There are some sellers that have these hams as the lower quality 'Bodega' ham with <12 months ..
Ex Tax: £79.00
7.00 Kilograms (£11.29/kg)