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WIN this leg of Iberico de Bellota Ham in 3 steps!

Hamazing! is saying a BIG thank you to all our faithful customers by giving away a pure-breed fully acorn-fed jamon iberico all the way from Jabugo! Now that is HAMAZING!! It’s easy to enter: CLICK HERE to find out how!


Jamón Serrano or Serrano Ham is very similar to Italian prosciutto / parma ham, French jambon sec, and Portuguese presunto. Every person visiting Spain sees it hanging in shop windows and rested on tapas restaurant counters and of course falls in love with. Traditionally cured by artisans in mountain secaderos for the local community it has now become extremely popular, but the only way to get the authentic sweet, moist & rich meat is if it is carved directly off the bone and put straight on to your plate. Learn more HAMAZING information here!

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Organic Jamon Serrano from Teruel
With a similar microclimate to Jabugo in the south, Teruel at 900 metres above sea level has cool..
Ex Tax: £104.00
8.00 Kilograms (£13.00/kg)
Rare Duroc Ham
We want to help our customers widen their horizons and for that reason we bring you the very litt..
Ex Tax: £100.00
8.00 Kilograms (£12.50/kg)
Trevélez Award-Winning Gran Reserva Organic Serrano
There's a world of quality outside the basic serrano ham and Trevélez are the créme de la créme. ..
Ex Tax: £96.00
8.00 Kilograms (£12.00/kg)
Serón Serrano Reserva
There are some sellers that have these hams as the lower quality 'Bodega' ham with <12 months ..
Ex Tax: £79.00
7.00 Kilograms (£11.29/kg)
Serrano Bodega Shoulder
As the first rung on the leg-of-ham ladder, you can't go wrong with the Serrano Bodega shoulder l..
Ex Tax: £49.00
4.50 Kilograms (£10.89/kg)