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Ham Questions:


How/Where do I store my ham?


Legs of ham are stored hanging with nothing covering them in slightly chilled, fresh, non-humid warehouses. Ideally you’d hang it (the fat and skin is still on the leg which you later cut off, so don't be too worried about dust and and dirt) or keep it in the ham holder. For a couple of weeks it's fine to keep your ham wrapped and in the box in a cool, dark place.


When carving the ham, specfically carve some long, thin slices of fat and put them to one side. When (or if!) you finish eating, cover the cut part of the ham with the fat. This keeps the meat moist and succulent for the next time you get the knife out. Alternatively, use cling film. Cover the ham with the muslin, or a tea towel.


How long does ham last?


Hams are air dried, so they don’t go off quickly; in a best case scenario, hanging properly (see above), it could last for up to 12 months. We recommend 6 so the meat doesn’t become too dry. Once you start slicing, covering the cut area with fat (see above) means your ham will remain moist and last for a good few months.



If a green mould grows because you’ve left it for a while, don’t panic; it’s completely normal and harmless. All you do is rub the mould off with a cloth, take a sliver of of meat off the cut area, and you’re ready to go again.


What’s if I leave my ham for a while?


See above, ‘How long does ham last?’


What’s the best way to carve a ham?


We highly recommend you watch this video by our very own 5J. To get straight to how to carve, skip to 2:12. 




Do I need a ham holder?


It’s basically impossible to carve a leg of ham without a holder. We’ve got some great value holders, and would highly recommend you get one!


Do I need a professional knife?


For optimal carving you need a long, thin, sharp, flexible knife. We have some great ones for sale for just a snip.


What’s the best ham size to get?


Good question! The choice is best made on 2 fronts: quantity, and quality. For one or two people, or for a small party (we like to call them ham meatings) with a few friends, get a shoulder ham. If it's for ham aficionados or for bigger parties then get a whole ham. 


If you're the type of person who only wants the best of the best, go for the ibérico de bellota range, or Iberian 'pure acorn-fed' range. If you would like to try some authentic flavour from Spain, take a look at the ibérico legs. On a budget, the serrano ham is a great starter point.


See Our HAMAZING ham for a more detailed answer.



What can I do with the bones?


Why, make a lovely ham stew! One full leg makes around 8 litres of stew.


First, ask your friendly butcher to chop up the bones for you. Clean the bones, put your chopped bones in to boiling water briefly a couple of times and throw away the water. Do two or three times to clean them of impurities. Then, in a large casserole dish filled with cold water, put in the cleaned bones, bring to the boil and simmer for two hours or so. Remove the bones and let the liquid cool for around eight hours. The bones will have released their natural gelatine and your cold soup should be solid. All you need now is to warm it up with some vegetables and you have a wonderful stew!



Shipping & Delivery policies:


Minimum Order


We ship directly from Spain, which saves you money as we cut out middle men, but the shipping is more costly. To cover our shipping costs, we need a minimum order of GBP50.


Who do you ship with?


We ship with  who are extremely reliable and ship everywhere across the EU. See our Shipping page


How long will my ham take to arrive?


Shipping with DPD takes around 3-4 days. It can take slightly longer for countries further away. Please also allow 1-2 days for order picking. See our Shipping page.


Can you ship outside the EU?


Due to the nature of the European Economic Area and related treaties, we can ship with no problems across the European continent. However, we cannot ship outside of the area. Sorry! See our Shipping page. If you are from the USA, we will be with you ASAP!



Returns Policy:


We’ve vetted all the ham producers we work with and are completely confident in the quality of our products. However, we want our customers to be completely satisfied. If you have any problem with the ham, can return it to us any time within 7 days. You should take photos immediately and send them to us so we can discuss the problem with you. Contact us at sales@hamazing.com


You should always check the package as the courier hands it to you. If there is any sign of leak (e.g. a broken bottle) then do not accept the receipt of the package. The items are fully insured with the courier and both you and HAMAZING are covered by this policy. Please email us straight away at sales@hamazing.com informing us of the fact. If you do accept an already broken item we cannot accept responsibility for damage reported afterwards.



Security and Privacy:


All your personal data is encrypted by our server's high tech security software. For more information, visit our Security & Privacy page



Restaurants, Corporates and Wholesalers: 


We can offer special rates for restaurants, corporates and wholesalers, delivered via courier or as palletised across the whole of the EEA. Please email info@hamazing.com to request more information.