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5J Lomo Pork Loin Iberico Bellota

5J  Lomo Pork Loin Iberico Bellota
5J  Lomo Pork Loin Iberico Bellota
Product Code: 5J Lomo Pork Loin Iberico Bellota
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Pork loin is the piggy equivalent to the fillet or tenderloin cut of beef. It comes from the top of the rib cage, and in both cases is known for its sublime tenderness and quality. It is no wonder then that this is the most prized cured meat in the Spanish delicatessen.

The fine marbling of sweet, nutty acorn fat in the pure-breed ibérico meat means this is best slowly chewed on its own to release all that mouth-watering flavour. Elaborated by SRC, the same makers of the 5J ham which really should need no introduction by now, means you have what is arguably the most delicious artisan lomo ibérico bellota on the planet. Simply put: sit back and enjoy the gastronomic taste-bud rollercoaster. 


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  • Curation Period: 12 months 
  • Breed: Pure Breed Iberian Pig 
  • Type: Bellota (100% acorn-fed) 
  • Diet: Acorns, wild plants and herbs such as rosemary and thyme 
  • Producer: Sánchez Romero Carvajal 
  • Origin: Jabugo, Huelva 
  • Website:


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