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COVAP Morcon Chorizo Iberico Bellota

COVAP Morcon Chorizo Iberico Bellota
COVAP Morcon Chorizo Iberico Bellota COVAP Morcon Chorizo Iberico Bellota
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Morcón is the Spanish word for large intestine and is similar in elaboration to that ever-so-tasty chorizo. The difference, as with everything in life, is in the size. Given the large intestine is wider, the meat in the morcon retains more moisture during the 10-month curing process and thus is even more creamy and succulent than it's thinner brother. Furthermore, larger chunks of meat can be used in the filling meaning each mouthful has a more intense and authentic burst of pure-breed acorn-fed ibérico flavour as you slice through each particular piece of meat. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the connoisseur's choice. 


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  • Curation Period: 10 months 
  • Breed: Iberian Pig 
  • Type: Bellota (100% acorn-fed) 
  • Diet: Acorns, wild plants and herbs such as rosemary and thyme 
  • Producer: COVAP 
  • Origin: Valle de Los Pedroches, Córdoba, Andalucía  
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