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WIN this leg of Iberico de Bellota Ham in 3 steps!

Hamazing! is saying a BIG thank you to all our faithful customers by giving away a pure-breed fully acorn-fed jamon iberico all the way from Jabugo! Now that is HAMAZING!! It’s easy to enter: CLICK HERE to find out how!


Chorizo is the most widely known Spanish meat, consumed across the 500 million-strong Spanish-speaking world. Finely chopped pork meat is mixed with paprika and garlic and hung to dry for anything up to 12 months if it is of iberico variety. Fantastic accompanied by some green olives and Manchego cheese as tapas.

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COVAP Morcon Chorizo Iberico Bellota
Morcón is the Spanish word for large intestine and is similar in elaboration to that ever-so-tast..
Ex Tax: £8.90
700 Grams (£12.71/kg)
Award-winning Chorizo Iberico Bellota
Whilst chorizo is the quintessential cured meat present across the whole Spanish-speaking world, ..
Ex Tax: £8.30
Based on 2 reviews.
600 Grams (£13.83/kg)
COVAP Chorizo Iberico
Chorizo is of course the quintessential Spanish sausage. Found all over the world, HAMAZING sends..
Ex Tax: £3.85
300 Grams (£12.83/kg)